Why obeying the law if what save us Jesus Christ? I ask myself this question every time I study the topic of salvation by faith vs. works 

I’m currently deciding which “free” music player to use. I know, that’s totally a first-world-problem seemingly unrelated to Spiritual things…but bear with me. I promise to bring this home -:)

I signed up for YouTube Red, which gives me access to Google play. I also have Amazon prime, which gives me access to all Amazon music library.  

As I was testing both players, I noticed both services recommending very good playlists to me…. most of the songs I really like! I was surprised to know how much they really knew my musical taste. Somehow they knew that I liked classical music (for concentration at work), kids songs (when I’m spending time with my kids) and gospel music. Somehow Amazon and Google managed to learn that much about me!

This should not  surprise me at all, when it comes to Amazon or Google. After all, Google know about all my online searches and YouTube views. On the other side, Amazon knows all about what I buy, plan to buy and even wish I could buy. 

So they know me, and because of that they recommend songs that are meaningful and memorable to me. I even began to wonder, which one of them would know me better. One thing is certain: whoever knows more about me will become my favorite music player.

Now think about:  if online companies like Amazon and Google can learn so much about us, just based on our online behavior, how much more would a ever-present God know about our lives?

How would we respond to a God who claims this:Try to chew on this big idea for a moment… God doesn’t say he knows you a lot; God claims knowing ALL ABOUT YOU…. and He claims to know all that not now, but BEFORE you were even conceived!

According to the National Science Foundation,   have close to 50 thousand of thoughts a day. That’s billions of thoughts in a life time. And God knows all of them. Not only that, think about the emotions we feel daily: is too crazy to imagine also thousands of emotions been lived out by us everyday. Think about all the dark emotions we experience occasionally, such as hatred, jealousy, anger, contempt… what about the good and happy emotions: joy, peace, security, sense of belonging….  in all of that God was with you, believe it or not. 

So the bottom line is: God knows you more than anyone can ever know you… even more than Google or Amazon! Now if I trust Amazon or google music recommendations based on my online behavior, how much more should I trust God guiding my life?

 So we follow the law not to be saved. We follow the law BECAUSE we are saved. Because we decided to follow a God who knows us better than anyone else; a God who created  laws as a guard rail to keep us going straigh in the road to faith. The road that will ultimately end up in Rev 21:3, where we hope to dwell with God and  be his people, and God himself will be with us and be our God.