This week as we look into the controversy that was prevalent in the New Testament times, we find a refreshing example of how differences may be worked out with unity in resolving tough issues.

In the very long session of the annual council to discuss church policy compliance , we saw a lot of different opinions about this issues but thankfully we were able to see the spirit keeping everybody in unity.

That reminds me of Acts 15 when Paul and Barnabas meeting face to face with Peter and James to discuss the future of the early church. They did not see eye to eye on that. They do not agree with everything. But all of them had a passion for the board reviewed with the Holy Spirit. That allow them to discuss respectfully him faithfully what is issues and come up with a good outcome.

The point is not how much we should agree or convince others, but rather how faithful to God to do everything we can to live in peace with one another (Rom 12:18).

At the end of the day, God calls us to be faithful, not to be right about all we think.