The country desperately seeks  for answers to explain the tragedy shooting at Las Vegas. So we turn to his younger brother as we grasp for answers. Erik Paddock mumbles thru more than half an hour of a monologue where he himself is the most confused of all. So far nothing but a bunch of conspiracy theories: no ties to terrorism, no past criminal history, no record of mental illness, no violent past, nothing. Stephen Paddock lacks a real motive as far as we know… and his brother externalize the concern we all have: if a guy with no real motive, no real political reason or mental illness history can do this, then there’s no hope for the human heart. That’s why the world needs to find a reason for that. Erik even says: “I hope they find a tumor on Steve’s head, because if they don’t we are all in trouble”.

The apostle Paul charges us all in Rom 3:9: we are all sinners, there’s not one good, not one who seeks God, NOT EVEN ONE (and that includes the Christians). Paul continues: “All have turned away, they have together become worthless; there is no one who does good,not even one”

It is hard to believe this. Especially in our civilized world, with all “progress” of modern society (modern medicine, philanthropy, social democracy, etc). But the Las Vegas shooting epitomizes the human condition like very few things had done before. We crave for a motive, we really do, otherwise we’ll have to admit that the human heart is evil.. and that really there’s not one who seeks to do God apart from good (even if they are not religious)… NOT EVEN ONE.

What can we do? In times of tragedy we can be God’s hand to help one another. There’s been an outpouring of love from all over the country as people donate their time and money to help victims… and that’s how we keep going until Jesus comes back again to wipe every tear and bring our loved ones back (Rev 21:4-5)