Gal 3:10 says that all who rely on the law are under a course.

Law is not the destination, not the end in itself. We all know that. We’re saved by grace ALONE.

What do we do with the law? Do we stop obeying the law just because we have the spirit? Do we throw the baby with the bath water?

Is the destination what matter, right? How we get there is really irrelevant? Does the road matter or just the destination?

Cori Malone is a teenage driver who might think a little different. He was driving over the Sagamore Bridge when he lost control of his Honda Accord and hit a snow bank on the right breakdown lane of the highway. His car was then launched into the air and came to rest on the guardrail above the Merrimack River.

The guard rail saved his life. His main goal was to cross the bridge. The guard rail could not make his cross the bridge, he had to drive thru that. But the used rail helped him stay on the bridge, literally…

On the road to faith, the law plays a similar function. The law is our guard rail, our guide, our compass to tell us when we have wandered to far away. On the road, we may not drive completely straight all the time, but if we are getting close to the precipice, then we hit the guard rail, the last line of defense.

Spiritually it is similar as Eugene Peterson writes on his paraphrased Bible version on Rom 7:7

“…The law code had a perfectly legitimate function. Without its clear guidelines for right and wrong, moral behavior would be mostly guesswork.”

So let’s not rely on the law for salvation but let’s appreciate what it does for those being saved. It helps us with the parameters to continue to work out our salvation with fear and trembling (Phi 2:12).