Book of Romans Theological Themes:

  1. Unit in Christ and salvation for ALL: God’s power in 1:17 to save ALL, not just the JEWS but ALL who believe.
  2. Sin: all humanity is hopeless; we are all under the power of sin, slaves…(Rom 3:9)
  3. Law: Romans shows us in the first 4 chapters that every human being has some form of law, either the written law for the Jews or the law of conscience written in Gentiles hearts. The law has its place to convict ALL of their sin and need of salvation, but it is INADEQUATE as a means of salvation.
  4. Grace: Knight cites James Dunn to state that “for Paul, behind the whole salvation process always lay the INITIATIVE of God”
  5. Justification by faith: Justified means: to be declared right with God, not be made right with God. It is a declaration by God! It is the opposite of condemnation. Knight cites three ways to express salvation as the free gift of God: justification, propitiation and redemption. Justification is the metaphor mostly used in Romans
  6. Transformed Life:
    1. justification is not the end of salvation, it is the beginning.
    2. Justification never stands alone. It is completely connected to a transformed life. One can’t have salvation with out a transformed live.
    3. Those who see justification as the highest point of the book, miss Paul’s point
  7. Hope and assurance: hope is used 13 times in Romans; more than any where else in New Testament (Rom 15:13, Rom 5:2, Rom 12:12, Rom 8:24, etc). Hope is not just wishful thinking but a certainty of what God did in the past and what He will do in the future. This hope leads to ASSURANCE. Romans teaching on hope and assurance is the apex of the letter discussion of salvation (Rom 8:31-39)