Gospel summarized in one sentence: faith working thru love. That simple. Simple to understand, hard to follow thru. 

If you are getting bogged down into the discussion of faith vs. works. If you are getting confused with so many examples and analogies on  law vs grace. 
If you didn’t fully grasp all that has been discussed this quarter in the book of Galdtians, you’re not alone.  Though a know topic for Christians, it is often easy to get bogged down into theological details and lose sight of the simplicity of the gospel

When Jesus washed the disciples feet, that was the ultimate demonstration of what love is. Keep in mind that Jesus even washes Judas feet, knowing he’d soon betray him. 

The foot washing is a reminder for us that faith needs to express itself thru love. A faith that doesn’t express itself is a dead faith (Jam 2:14-16). On the other hand, faith that expresses itself thru anything other than love, is legalism; it is buying his way to grace. 

Faith expresses thru love: easy to understand, hard to live out. That’s our task as we wait for Jesus return