What are the limitations of God’s truth? There is an arch bridge constructed in 1936 to be part of the East Fork road connecting San Gabriel Valley and Wrightwood in California. When the great flood of 1938 put all road construction on a halt, the bridge was also abandoned. So there you have it: the bridge that goes nowhere…

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Bridge to Nowhere in San Gabriel Mountains facing a dead end.

The title of the lesson this week is “The Road to Faith”. It made me think about how many times I’ve study Scripture with no apparent purpose, just to “learn about God”. Have you ever felt like that? I’m pretty sure Sabbath school feels like that at times.

Studying Scripture with no purpose may feel like a “bridge to nowhere”. What’s the purpose of knowing what (I think) I already know? What is the purpose of studying the law when faith, hope and love are the things that matter?

The Sabbath School at times may feel like a “waiting room” for the main service. A place where people arrive and seat, as they wait for the main service. However, as you read the real purpose and the real intent of the Sabbath school, we can’t help but wonder if that’s all that is…

“Point after point of truth should be investigated; for there is no limitation to the truth of God”

This is one of the many Ellen White quotes on Sabbath School. She really presses on the idea of “present truth”. The notion that God’s word comes to us as a “new light” always being revealed to those living in connection to Jesus. Jesus is ready to always reveals us more truth. If we are only connected to him.

How many times do we feel like “bridges to nowhere”, disconnected from the church, disconnected from Jesus? How many times we don’t see a real purpose in learning more on Scripture?

Back to the real “Bridge to Nowhere”…. That bridge doesn’t connect two cities as originally planned. This area was re-purposed into something greater. It now faces a wilderness area of 41,883 acres within the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument. This bridge became a hiking destination visited by many every weekend.

Throop Peak Mount Hawkins 033.jpg

No limitations now to the Bridge-to-Nowhere as it faces now a wilderness area

What started as a failed construction project, turned out to be a exquisite hiking destination that inspire many to get out hike and find peace in nature.

As we study the lesson this week, may we feel encouraged and inspired to search for truth in Scripture. May we go beyond our limitations to find God’s real truth.

May the Spirit of Christ be with you in your study this week. I hope and pray you discover a little more truth about this God of Truth who has not limitations.