After days of heavy rain, the sun made an appearance yesterday afternoon. Blue Sky after the storm.. Finally. That doesn’t’ solve all Houston problems but it does bring hope and the assurance that God is at work there. Houston residents began posting beautiful sunset pictures yesterday. Beautiful sight!

It made me think of Psalm 107:29

He caused the storm to be still, So that the waves of the sea were hushed

God is at work not only in the blue sky but most importantly as neighbor help neighbor, we see a glimpse of hope.

We need to move beyond the never ending debate of why-how God allowed this or that to happen.. 

we need to honor the sun God brought to Houston yesterday by supporting local efforts to search, rescue and shelter those affected by this tragedy.

Even if we can’t understand God’s mind, we can still be God’s hands and feet as we bless those in need thru our time and money. If you can’t fly there to help, consider donating to a local organization.

A friend of mine works at, which is located in Houston. He shared this link of how we can help